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Do you have an idea regarding the reunion that you would like to share? Would you like to respond to someone else's suggestion? We know there are ideas out there. This page will provide an opportunity to get them down in writing so we can all give some thought to them.

Thanks to Lori McBrien for suggesting this page.

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Ideas received to date :

From : Discussions at reunion and suggestions made since
Date : 2012 09 30
Our suggestions :
  1. (Suggested at reunion by Lori) Make 50th reunion a two day event, with camping / cottaging for those who wish to do so. Suggestion was made that Bissell's Hideaway in Pelham might be a possible location. We need to get some details as to whether this is a possibility and if so, what would the cost and other considerations be. Update from Bissell's Hideaway to Lynn Lynn, Yes, we could accommodate a family reunion the weekend of Sept 7th.  At this time, we have 17 rustic cabins, 8 rustic plus, 10 studio and 10 deluxe cabins.  The rustic and rustic plus cabins don't have any washroom facilities but the studio & the deluxe cabins do.  The pool and waterpark do close on the Labour Day Monday therefore the rates do get discounted by 50%.  All rates included up to 2 adults and 2 children, additional people are $10 each per night.  We do rent out the rec hall and the rate is $250 plus tax for the day.  It would also be discounted by 50%.  As far as park facilities that would be open would be the mini-golf, playground, all sport facilities such as tennis court, volley-ball, bocce ball, horseshoes & basketball. Our reservation desk for the upcoming season will open at the end of January. Thank you!
  2. (Suggested at reunion by Brian) Between now and 50th, prepare a book commemorating the lives of the original Nicholls family members. Details around what would be covered are yet to be worked out. A delegate from each family was identified at the reunion. If you don't know who it was from your family, let us know. We discussed the need to have much of the info gathered and provided by the end of January 2013 to ensure the book could get done in time for the reunion. Details to be provided shortly.
  3. (Suggested at reunion by Charles) Setting up a Facebook page for the family. A new secret group has been set up on Facebook called Nicholls On The Web. If you have a Facebook account and have not yet been invited to join, please send an email to the website ( ) and we will invite you to join.
  4. (Suggested at reunion by Scott) Each family (of the original Nicholls kids) is responsible to design a t-shirt (each family would be a different color) and all members of the family in attendance at the 50th reunion would wear their family t-shirt. Lori has already said that Aunt Ruth's family will be wearing red. Thanks for the reminder Barb. Color choices requested so far: Aunt Ruth's family - Red; Uncle Ross' family - Burnt Orange; Uncle Russell's family - Green
  5. (Suggested since by Ben Clarkson) Home videos / movies / slideshows of past reunions. Contributions could be made by anyone. Depending on the format, we would have to work out well beforehand what sort of equipment would be required to enable displaying it. I'm sure between all of us we could cover just about anything.
  6. (Suggested since by Doug) Make a concerted effort to ensure that our family tree information is up-to-date. There are new family members being added and we need to be sure we know about each and every one. Please provide info through the website or by email to Get your updates in soon
  7. (Suggested since by Doug) Signin at reunion could be done on a big family tree on the wall (a picture is worth a thousand words)
  8. (Suggested since by Doug) Add a family tree with pictures to the website (in some form, but with limited data to ensure no privacy risks etc)
  9. (Suggested since by Lori) Funny stories about the 'originals' without identities for a 'Guess Which Relative' team challenge games. Games with random family members making up teams (big, small -- include 'em all!) This would force family members, especially 'married-ins' and newbies to get to know each better. We could do problem-solving type activities a la 'Survivor'...
  10. (Suggested since by Lynn) Thank you Charles for reminding me of Lynn's suggestion that we should have a dinner for the 50th anniversary of Nicholls family reunion...a special day with a special meal!!
From : Stephanie Heitman
Date : 2010 03 27
My suggestion : I think it's time for a complete change.
A thought: How about holding the reunion at a park with pavillion. Each year someone else could locate one. We could change to have no meetings, no collection, etc. Pot luck as usual. Each family could be responsible for their own drinks, dishes and utensils.
Something to think about between now and September and we will talk about it at the reunion.

Please pass this info on to family members that don't have access to the internet.

From : Candice Campbell
Date : 2008 07 31
My suggestion : Well, my suggestion is to have anyone born in the last 45 years to submit a childhood/baby photo to add to a board/table with numbers...and see who can answer all correctly. I know I will fail miserably at this...but it brings in the 45 years well as a bit of fun

From : Stephanie
Date : 2008 04 27
My suggestion : Where are all the idea's for our 45th reunion.....Don't you want to see something different for a change? It's easy. Post your ideas right here on this page.
How about poster board of past years?
Hair styles we thought where just the thing?
Cool outfits we wore...
HELP US!!!!!!!

From : Stephanie
Date : 2007 09 28
My suggestion : It is going to be our 45th Family Reunion in 2008. Does anyone have some ideas to celebrate it? We should all be putting our heads together. Please fill out the form above and submit it.